Beat Your Competitors With
First-Class Medical Branding


This initial phase of the medical branding process involves a thorough research into the current condition of your company. This means understanding your specific target market, determining your reputation across your stakeholders, as well as your branding and marketing efforts. Doing this will allow us to ascertain your market standing, and distinguish your strengths and weaknesses. Data collected will help in devising strategies for improvement.


In this data mining phase of the healthcare branding process, we analyze your competitors and identify the marketing strategies they are currently employing. The information acquired from this phase will help us to identify opportunities in the market as well as new approaches that will uniquely shape and position your business in the market.


This is the most vital phase of the medical branding process for your company as it will be the foundation for all what comes after. It will clarify what kind of brand you will be and how you will be perceived in the minds of your customers. It will help you and your stakeholders to understand what your brand stands for, directing your decisions throughout your business, from design and content to whom you hire and what services you offer. The brand strategy would be used as a brief for developing your brand identity and marketing strategies.


We can create a bold and unique visual expression that can be implemented across your work environment, stationery, leaflets, brochures, forms, uniforms, press ads, PPT template, and the rest of your applications. Ideally, it should follow your brand strategy to make sure it is in line with what you stand for and the how your brand should be perceived.


As your business grows and your product portfolio grows, so will the need for a system to structure your brand portfolio. We can help you develop a system that provides clarity to your customers, employees, and suppliers. This way, your customers and employees gain a better understanding of your brand portfolio and how the brands are related. The system will allow for expanding your portfolio as we would provide you with a Brand Decision Tree.


We can help you create new products and services that are in line with your brand and which are meaningful to your audience. This is what we call “brand-led innovation”. It can fuel your growth by helping in developing new products and services that would make your medical practice a leading innovator in your market.


As soon as your brand strategy is in place and your communication platform is ready, it is crucial that your employees are also aware of what the new brand stands for and why you had rebranded. Having an internal launch should transform your employees into properly equipped brand ambassadors that fully understand the purpose and capabilities of your company, as well as the path that your business is taking in the future.