Below is what we can do to help you organize your CME meetings:

1. Conference organizing: We can organize professional and refined CME meetings, taking care of logistics as well as MOH approvals
2. Presentation make-over: If you have prepared a presentation for the meeting but are not fully satisfied by the way it looks, then don’t worry. We can dress it up to make it look neat, tidy and add some images to make it more attractive to your audience.
3. PPT Template: Our team can build a PowerPoint template which includes 10 to 15 pre-built slides: main title, agenda, section divider, various text layout, charts, diagram, summary and thank you slide. All your logos, images and graphics will be converted and adapted for use in PowerPoint. The slide colour schemes will be based on your brand identity, with set-up for colour onscreen projection and economical B/W printing considerations.